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Hippy dave has a special message just for you!!!!!


Hi there, my name's Hippy Dave, but you can just call me Dave.

One thing I really like to do is to drink coffee. Boy do I love coffee!!! I drink so much coffee, that my skin is beginning to turn the color of a Latte!!! I think this is actually quite impressive.  Unfortunately, this form of pigment change doesn't work for any other color. I suppose you could turn your skin purple if you drank enough Grape Ne-hi, but then again, who can find Ne-hi Now days????

Another thing I like to do is pretend I am talking on my cell phone, but really, there isn't anyone on the other side. I am actually just talking to nobody. I do it just for reactions. I like to study people's reactions. Especially if I sound like I am having a really interesting conversation. There isn't no talking like the talking to yourself. One time I started talking to myself, and asking myself some questions. That was scary, especially because I started to answer myself.

Hey, you know what happened to me a while back? I had a dream that I was eating this big huge sandwich. The next morning, I found that I ate my ENTIRE BED!!!! Man, I was sick for about a month. I went to the doctor, but all he said was "Wait until Spring" Get it, spring!!! Ok, Ok, so that didn't really happen, but at least I tried to make you laugh.

Hippy Dave is not a figment of your imagination. Hippy Dave is your best friend. Hippy Dave is not a real hippy. Hippy Dave wishes to thank all of the coffee drinkers and producers in all of the world. From the man on a plantation in Ethiopia (growing yummy Harrar) to the yuppie in line at his favorite coffee spot, ordering a Triple Grande, skinny half-caf cappuccino, you are all champions of the best bean on the planet.