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Fun things to do on a bus...

  1. As soon as you get on the bus, ask if anyone has ever seen the movie "Speed. "
  2. If the bus only has a few people on board, insist on sitting right next to someone.
  3. Try to pay the driver with foreign currency.
  4. Have in depth conversations with your invisible friends.
  5. Butt in on other peoples cell phone calls.
  6. Read a book upside-down.
  7. Sit backwards in the seats. Complain to the driver about how uncomfortable you were.
  8. Proudly announce as you get on the bus "I am now lice free."
  9. Bring a bunch of stuff with you (say in a backpack) and spread this stuff all over the bus.
  10. Make snide remarks about every hairstyle you see.
  11. Walk up to the driver and ask where the bathroom is.
  12. Play your bagpipes.
  13. Sit down next to someone and ask "Will you be my friend?" If they say yes, give them a big hug, if they say no, find another person.
  14. Pour your beverage out the window on people in convertibles.
  15. Sing your favorite songs really loud and really off key.
  16. Write a list like this one.
  17. Eat a bunch of chili before getting on, and then just let it rip.
  18. Blame your flatulence on the person sitting behind you.
  19. Bring something big and weird with you. If anyone asks about it, just say, "none of your beeswax!"
  20. Dress as your favorite historical figure.
  21. Pretend that the stranger you are sitting next to is someone you have not seen in years
  22. Every time you see a Volkswagen bug, yell "Punch buggy" and hit the person next to you.
  23. Claim that you have a special handicap which requires you to sit in the middle of the aisle.
  24. Don't make eye contact with anyone (not even the driver).
  25. Make eye contact with everyone (Especially the driver).
  26. When no one is looking, spill a bottle of water all over the front of your pants. Then say, "Oh No! Not again!!!"
  27. Put a fish under your seat on a hot day.
  28. Pick your nose, and then brag about your bugar's size, shape and/or color.
  29. Act like you are going to jump out of the window.
  30. Start a food fight.
  31. Throw all the bus schedules and brochures out the window.
  32. Throw pens and pencils at random passengers.
  33. Try to bribe the driver into letting you drive.
  34. Pass notes from passenger to passenger.
  35. During red lights, throw paper airplanes into the windows of nearby cars.
  36. Take off your smelly shoes and socks.
  37. Leave your dirty underwear on the bus as you leave.
  38. Do stand up comedy on the bus.
  39. Do really bad impersonations of famous people.
  40. Do really degrading impersonations of other passengers.
  41. When you get on the bus, walk really slow. Insist on sitting in the back row.
  42. Pretend like you have to throw up, then dump a bunch of creamed corn on the floor.
  43. Try to sell the clothes you are wearing to other passengers.
  44. Pick a word at random and shout it every few minutes.
  45. Act really suspicious and paranoid every time a police car passes the bus.
  46. If a fair inspector asks to see your ticket, claim that he or she is violating your constitutional rights.
  47. Take out a really big knife, leave it on the seat next to you, and put on a suspicious smile.
  48. Eat hot soup while on a bumpy road.
  49. Make sure you hold this soup over another passenger's head.
  50. Claim you have a cell phone in your hand and have important conversations.




Don't you just love mystery meat?