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Aaron J. Edwards

The future adventures of Aaron.


After I graduate, I plan to lead an expedition to Antarctica to recover the fabled lost city of sapphire.

Ok, I can't back that up with fact, but seriously my future plans are just as ambitious. There is only one thing I can do for a career that will truly make me happy. I have to write for a living. Any job I get in the process will be, in some way, a way to support my writings. To possibly get my foot in  the door, I plan to obtain a position as a copy editor for a small publication or website. After I graduate, I will have all the qualifications I would need, mainly a strong knowledge of the English language (including proper grammar) and a bachelor's degree. Ultimately, I plan to worm and squeeze myself into writing some column. I would like to write a music column, or possibly an opinion  piece (ie ranting and raving about whatever I am bugged about at the moment). An even loftier dream is to actually become editor and chief of a small publication. That would involve a lot of hard work and waiting for someone to either retire or die. Or, maybe if I won the lottery I could start my own publication and name myself editor and chief. Even still, my ultimate goal is to get my fiction published (and hopefully people will like and buy my writings).