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Reboot USA

Welcome To Reboot USA.
This site will serve as a radical forum to change society for the better.

"Perhaps it would be best if we could reboot society. If we could just start over from the begining, then we could do things right."

Reboot USA realizes that, while actually rebooting society is simply imposible, we, as a society, can change. Not only can our society change, our society must change. The injustice of our country cannot continue.

This site will be under construction for quite some time. Just as society takes time to change, this website will take time to complete.

The purpose of this site, at present, is that of a third party canidate. While the candidate may hope to win the election, in rewality, the canadate's main purpose is to create a presence in the current system, and just maybe change the society's views ever so slightly.

This site will be underdeveloped in form, structure, grammar, and ideas, for quite some time. please be patient, for patience is key in a societal change.

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