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Paramount has been quite crazy about unauthorized pages featuring a certain group of TV series, so much, that I think that it is a copyright infringement to even mention these names. Some of us are die hard fans, and we think this is wrong (after all, these type of web pages do offer free advertisement to Paramount). So, since I cannot do a tribute page to this series, about the crew of the finest ship in the galaxy, about the people on a space station who fought of the invaders from the G---- Quadrant, about the ship that heroically explored the D---- Quadrant, and about the first ship that to bear the name E---------, I offer this instead...



The final front here

cheese our the voyages of thus tar chip Enter price

It's five year miss on...

To explore strange gnu worlds

To seek out gnu life and gnu civil I say Seans

To boldly go where know man have gone bee four...

Live long and p------.


This page has been brought to you by Aaron J Edwards